The Effect of Interval Sprint Training on Tyrosine Phosphorylation Level in Cardiomyocytes was Observed under Microscope

  • Ran Hao
Keywords: Intermittent Sprint Training, Cardiomyocytes, Tyrosine Phosphorylation, Microscope Instrument


Interval sprint training is a hot topic in sports training research in recent years. Many scholars have
demonstrated the effects of intermittent sprint training on the structure and function of cardiac myocytes. The
purpose of this study was to investigate the specific effects of interval sprint training on tyrosine
phosphorylation levels in cardiomyocytes. This paper for the intermittent hypoxia exercise is discussed, and the
related concept and the development of the research situation, then with the aid of microscope instruments, mice
as experimental researches on the subjects of this article, proved that the intermittent sprint training to
myocardial cell signal transduction and related peptide tyrosine phosphorylation level of myocardial cell
structure have great influence, have the effect of inhibiting myocardial cell tyrosine phosphorylation level. The
experimental results showed that: the control group changed from the original 31.34-32.98, with a small range
of value changes and a relatively flat curve. The interval sprint training group changed from the original
31.24-44.21, with a relatively large range of values and a relatively steep curve. In general, interval sprint
training can promote the improvement of tyrosine phosphorylation level in cardiomyocytes to a certain extent,
but it has certain inhibitory effect on specific sites of tyrosine phosphorylation in cardiomyocytes.