Deep Detection Acoustic Reflection of Borehole-side While Drilling Based on Impulse Source with Microscope Technique

  • Jing Zhou
Keywords: Impulse Source, Acoustic Deep Detection, Reflected Wave Logging, Measurement While Drilling, Microscope Technique


Single-well acoustic wave deep detection has developed rapidly and has become one of the most popular
technologies. It has potential application value in the balance between detection depth and detection resolution.
According to the actual background of acoustic wave deep detection, the influence of acoustic source excitation
frequency, horizontal position of reflection interface and reflection interface inclination angle on the amplitude
of reflected wave under the condition of drilling impulse source is studied by using finite element numerical
simulation software. The research shows that the optimal operating frequency of the impulse source detection
instrument is 7 kHz. Under this source frequency, the borehole-side reflectors of 50°~90° can be effectively
detected. The conventional source-distance drilling instruments can cover the borehole-side reflectors within
10m. The impulse source is applied to the field of deep detection while drilling for the first time, which can
meet the requirements of different depths of detection and resolution. It can provide reference for the
development of the instrument while drilling based on impulse source.