Microscopic Rehabilitation Observation of Knee Joint Patella Softening in Martial Arts Athletes

  • Chun Guo
Keywords: Martial Arts Routine Athletes, Knee Joint, Patella Softening, Microscopic Observation, Rehabilitation Observation


As people pay more attention to health, more and more sports have gradually entered people’s vision, and
martial arts routines are one of them. However, in the martial art routine, the incidence of knee joint injuries is
high. After knee joint injuries, it often affects the athletes’ athletic ability and performance, and even endangers
the body and health, and shortens the life span of the exercise. The purpose of this article is to observe the
microscopic rehabilitation of knee joint patella softening in martial arts athletes. This article analyzes the
pathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment of patellar osteomalacia, and proposes knee protection for martial arts
routine athletes. The experimental part uses a randomized controlled research method. Patients of martial arts
routines were taken as the research object. Forty patients who met the criteria were randomly divided into a test
group (20 cases) and a control group (20 cases) according to the order of the visit time and random drawing. The
test group was given a combination of microscopy and rehabilitation surgery to treat patella sclerosis, while the
control group only used conventional surgery to treat patella sclerosis. The efficacy of the two groups was
analyzed, and the total effective rate of the control group was 65%, and the total effective rate of the
experimental group was 85%.