Microscopic Observation of Foot and Ankle Pain and Ankle Muscle Characteristics of Basketball Players

  • Haijun Tang
Keywords: Basketball Player, Foot and Ankle Pain, Arch Shape, Ankle Nerve Muscle


With the development trend of men's basketball and men's and women's basketball in Europe and the United
States in recent years, athletes need to take off and compete repeatedly in competitions, and they need to change
direction, change speed, kick, and sometimes even need to force their joints. To complete these
multi-dimensional and difficult movements from an angle of view, therefore, the sports injuries of their ankles
and other parts are increasing, and the current research in this area lacks theoretical basis. The purpose of this
article is to observe and analyze basketball player foot and ankle pain, arch shape, and ankle muscle
characteristics through a microscope observation, analyze the tissue structure of a basketball player's foot and
ankle pain during ankle pain, and understand the arch shape and ankle muscle characteristics. Basketball player
ankle pain before and after the comparison, to study the basketball player's foot and ankle pain, arch shape and
ankle nerve muscle characteristics. Using the method of this article, through the analysis of experimental data,
we understand the shape of the arch of the foot under the microscope and the characteristics of the ankle nerve
muscles under basketball ankle pain, and find that athletes with Achilles tendon pain will play basketball in
comparison with healthy athletes. During the process, more pronation and foot valgus appeared. Through the
combination of theoretical and experimental data, the fatigue of some muscles after prolonged exercise was
analyzed. The research results show that the microscope is effective for basketball players' ankle pain and arch
shape. Observation of the characteristics of the ankle nerves and muscles has an important impetus, which is
more conducive for basketball players to prevent themselves.