Interaction Design of Laparoscopic Surgery under the Background of Virtual Reality Technology

  • Shi Liu
Keywords: Laparoscopic Instrument, Operation Training, Virtual Reality, Interactive Research


Virtual reality is a computer system that can create and experience a virtual world. It is computer-generated and
uses visual, auditory, and tactile effects to act on the user to produce an immersive interactive visual simulation. .
The combination of computer-based virtual reality technology and laparoscopy results in a virtual reality
training system for laparoscopic surgery, consisting of software and hardware. The purpose of this article is to
study the use of computer virtual modeling language to successfully establish a laparoscopic virtual reality
training software system. Through the use of computer virtual modeling language, tightly combining anatomy,
surgical theory and practical knowledge, to write a laparoscopic surgery virtual reality training program Explore
a computer-based method for training laparoscopic surgery skills. First, perform modeling, create materials and
maps for virtual surgical instruments, improve rendering effects, and then directly interact with the entities
generated by MAX. Experimental data show that the necessary equipment and specimen models are established
by the above methods. During the training demonstration, all operations can be performed smoothly, and the
accuracy rate is increased by 32.7%. If there is an operation error, the system will automatically prompt
according to the settings. Experimental data shows that compared with traditional data, the cost has been saved
by about 21%, which can prove that combining the rapid development of science and technology with
minimally invasive surgery is an irreplaceable and effective means of medical development.