Energy accumulation characteristics of pulse sound source and the exploration of borehole wall fracture under microscope

  • Haiyan Shang
Keywords: Energy Accumulation, Sound Source Frequency, Borehole Diameter, Borehole-side Fracture, Microscope Technology.


Pulse source is a new kind of high-power, high bandwidth, controllable and repeatable strong sound source. The
sound source has a broad application prospect in the fields of national defense, industry, medical treatment and
so on. In this paper, the microscope is introduced into the fracture detection of oil well, the working principle of
paraboloid reflector is collected, and the effects of frequency and well diameter on the energy accumulation
characteristics of the microscope are studied. Two main frequencies, 3kHz and 7kHz, are obtained after the
energy accumulation of microscope, which can be used for deep detection and borehole fracture detection
respectively. In the detection of borehole fracture, the influence of vertical fracture far away from borehole wall
on the whole wave and reflected P wave of microscope is studied. At the same time, the influence of the
horizontal fracture intersecting the borehole on the microscopic Stoneley wave is analyzed. The results show
that after energy accumulation, the microscope can effectively enhance the energy information of the whole
wave and the reflected wave, and provide help for the subsequent inversion of formation fractures.