Microstructure and Seepage Consolidation Mechanism Based on Rock Engineering

  • Yan Xiaotong
Keywords: Effective Stress, Seepage Law, Exponential Law, Time Factor, Consolidation Rate.


Due to the decrease of the porosity ratio, the soil undergoes compression deformation and the strength is
improved. At the beginning, the stress in the soil is all borne by the pore water. Based on the exponential
seepage law in soil, considering the linear distribution of the initial effective stress along the depth and the
actual variable load, a one-dimensional nonlinear consolidation control equation is established. The numerical
solution is obtained by the finite difference method, if the compression index is different, the development rate
of deformation is no longer the same, and the smaller the compression index is, the faster the settlement rate is.
The results show that with the increase of the index in the seepage law, the consolidation rate will be faster
under a smaller time factor and slower under a larger time factor. However, the consolidation rate of the
consolidation curve in the whole process will be accelerated with the increase of the index; the consolidation
rate of the initial effective stress linearly increasing along the depth is faster than that of the uniform
distribution; the faster the loading rate of the variable load is, the faster the consolidation rate is.