Ultrasonic-assisted Compatibility Industrial Nanomaterials Manufacturing and Microstructure Analysis

  • Weihua Zheng
Keywords: Ultrasonic Assisted, Industrial Nanomaterials, Structural Analysis


In this paper, hexagonal boron nitride nanosheets were prepared by one-step stripping and their functional
modification with the aid of ultrasound. Ultrasonic-assisted organic solvent isopropyl alcohol was used to strip
the bulk hexagonal boron nitride, and then centrifuged at rest to obtain a small number of layers (<10) of hexagonal
boron nitride nanosheets; ultrasonic-assisted isopropyl alcohol could effectively strip hexagonal boron nitride
Ultrasound provides shearing force during the preparation of nanosheets, making the peeling effect better. The
obtained Zeta potential of the hexagonal boron nitride nanosheets was 40.33 mV, and the stability and
dispersibility in isopropanol were excellent. Based on this, a silane coupling agent is added to the hexagonal boron
nitride nanosheet suspension as needed, and the intermittent mode of the ultrasonic wave is controlled to modify
to obtain a modified hexagonal boron nitride nanosheet (γ-methyl, acrylic, acyloxy, propyl, trimethoxy, silanehexagonal
boron nitride nanosheets). Isopropanol is the key to one-step preparation and functional modification.
In isopropanol, the silane coupling agent γ-methyl, acrylic, acyloxy, propyl, trimethoxy, silane were hydrolyzed
to form hydroxyl groups. The hexagonal boron nitride nanosheets functionalized with -OH undergo dehydration
reactions to form ether bonds; at the same time, the alcoholic hydroxyl group after alcoholysis may also form
hydrogen bonds with the hydroxyl groups on the hexagonal boron nitride nanosheets, and thus the silane coupling
The agent γ-methyl, acrylic, acyloxy, propyl, trimethoxy, silane were successfully grafted onto hexagonal boron
nitride nanosheets. The modified hexagonal boron nitride nanosheets have good dispersibility in other solvents,
the application range and effect have been expanded and improved. Compared with the traditional preparation
method, this process has obvious advantages: the preparation and modification are realized in one step. The
process is simple and the production cycle is short, which is suitable for large-scale preparation. Hexagonal boron
nitride nanosheets and kh570-hexagonal boron nitride nanosheets have good dispersibility and stability in polar
organic solvents. This one-step method has a large-scale method for the preparation of hexagonal boron nitride
nanosheets in the future on a large scale. It has certain reference value and significance, and is expected to be used
to prepare other similar sheet materials.