The Clinical Application Value of CT and Ultrasound in Diagnosing Appendicitis was Compared with AIR Score Standard

  • Li Wang
Keywords: Ultrasonic Diagnosis, Diagnosis of Appendicitis, Microscope Application, AIR Score Standard


Traditional clinical diagnosis of appendicitis is mainly based on the clinical symptoms, signs and laboratory
examination of patients, but there is a certain rate of misdiagnosis. The application of microscope in medical
field provides accurate diagnostic information for patients to choose suitable imaging examination methods and
clinic. The purpose of this paper is to compare ultrasound and CT in the diagnosis of acute appendicitis and the
clinical value of parting, took four months to carry out the study, in the period in a 3 armour hospital collected
60 cases and has proposed to recognize appendicitis patients with surgical and pathological controls after
filtered into the study as a case sample analysis object, and identify the pathological image analysis using
microscope. All patients received ultrasound and CT examination, and the diagnostic results of the two methods
were compared and analyzed. The results showed that the coincidence rate of ultrasonic diagnosis was 85%, and
that of CT diagnosis was 96.67%. The coincidence rate of CT diagnosis was better than that of ultrasound, and
the difference between the two examinations was statistically significant (P<0.05). In the pathological
classification, the diagnostic coincidence rate of CT in acute simple appendicitis is better than that of ultrasound.
It can be seen that CT examination of acute appendicitis has a better diagnostic coincidence rate than ultrasound,
which is worthy of clinical application and promotion.