Application of Microscope in Cell Culture Experiment of Biomaterials in Vitro

  • Guohong Liu
Keywords: Microscope Image, Vitro Cells of Biomaterials, Cell Culture Experiment, Transmission Electron Microscopy


The excellent histocompatibility and bioactivity of active biomaterials and the multidirectional differentiation
potential of neural stem cells have great application prospect and value. In this paper, by comparing the sealing
properties of different backfilling materials with and without microscopes in vitro cells of biomaterials, this
paper discusses whether the use of microscopes in medical surgery can improve the sealing properties of
backfilling materials, thus providing a theoretical basis for clinical use. In this paper, the biological basis of the
mechanical microenvironment of cardiomyocytes in vivo and the conduction process of electrical signals were
firstly elucidated, including the normal and disease conditions. Secondly, the research status of advanced
biomaterials for myocardial tissue engineering was investigated. Finally, it is summarized to construct and
regulate the substrate hardness and stress-strain cell microenvironment and the cellular electrical
microenvironment, as well as the biological response of cells to the force-electric microenvironment.