Adaptive Sliding Mode Control of Chaotic Motion in Direct-Drive Permanent Magnet Synchronous for Wind Turbines

  • Li Yang
Keywords: Direct-drive Permanent Magnet Synchronous Wind Generation, Chaos Motion, Adaptive Sliding Mode Control, Lyapunov Theory, Time-Varying, Atomic Force Microscope


Chaotic motion is a very common nonlinear dynamic phenomenon, such as the motion of AFM micro
cantilever, weather change, stock market chain reaction, permanent magnet synchronous motor and so on.
According to the mathematical model of the direct-drive permanent magnet synchronous wind generation
system (D-PMSG), the affine transformation and time transformation are used to transform the permanent
magnet synchronous generator model in the d-q axis coordinate system into a Lorenz chaotic model. It is
verified that chaotic motion will occur under parameter changes or external disturbances. In order to eliminate
the severe chaotic behavior of the system, a robust adaptive sliding mode control method is proposed.
Considering the system's uncertain parameters and external disturbances, a sliding mode control method is used
to construct a time-varying sliding mode surface, and a robust sliding mode control law with adaptive gain is
designed to eliminate chaos in D-PMSG so that the chattering phenomenon in sliding mode control is overcome,
and the stability of the control law is proved by Lyapunov stability theory. Simulation results show that the
controller has good robustness and stability for chaotic control under uncertain parameters and external