Metallurgical Process Monitoring under Microscope Image Analysis

  • Baihui Yin
Keywords: Digital Video, Metallurgical Process, Monitoring, Alarm Controller, Image Compression Coding, Image Enhancement, Microscopical analysis


By analyzing the application of digital video technology in metallurgical process monitoring with microscope, we
can observe the metallurgical fine features and improve the automation and quality of metallurgical process
monitoring. A monitoring system of metallurgical process based on digital video technology under microscope
analysis is designed. The digital video image acquisition module in the video acquisition layer of the system uses
the microscope to analyze the metallurgical fine features, collects the metallurgical field images through multiple
video servers, and communicates the collected images. A new method of digital video compression based on
wavelet transform is used to reduce the hard disk space and transfer the processed video image to the video image
processing layer. The integrated processing module of metallurgical process monitoring video image in video
image processing layer uses adaptive image enhancement algorithm to enhance the collected image. The
definition is transmitted to the video presentation layer, and the distributed intelligent monitoring video multi
screen display module of the video presentation layer can display multiple pictures at the same time. If there is any
abnormal situation in the metallurgical field, the alarm controller will respond to the alarm. It has been proved that
the designed system has high definition of monitoring image and the best effect of monitoring and alarming.