Redundant Cylindrical Indexing Cam in Revolving Nosepiece of Automated Microscope

  • Jinsheng Liang, Jujiang Cao, Chaoyang Zhang


Automatic microscope is widely used in scientific research and practical production, while the revolving nosepiece is one of main components of it. In order to realize the high precision, stable and fast indexing requirements of the nosepiece, the motion of revolving nosepiece is controlled by the controller to achieve the motor motion, and the position sensor is used for position determination and positioning. In order to make the movement reliable and simplify system, this paper proposes to use the cylindrical indexing cam mechanism to realize the nosepiece movement. In order to solve the problems of insufficient position precision and transverse impact of the follower caused by the clearance between the grooves and the roller of the groove cylindrical indexing cam, an innovative cylindrical cam mechanism with double-layer rollers is proposed in this paper. In this structure, the inner and outer rollers are used to press the two sides of the cam profile all the time, thus eliminating the position error and transverse impact of driven plate. It is verified by computer simulation in this paper. This redundant cylindrical indexing cam mechanism not only has high position accuracy, but also can improve the motion stability at high-speed, which can well meet the movement requirements of revolving nosepiece in automatic microscope.