A Broadband Circular Arc Array Piezoelectric VEH with Absorbing Multi-Directional Vibration

  • Yucheng Zhu, Congcong Du, Licheng Deng et al.


A circular arc array piezoelectric VEH based on nonlinear structure is proposed in this work. This array piezoelectric VEH can absorb multi-directional vibrational energy at the broadband frequency. It is composed of four circular arc piezoelectric VEHs, where each circular arc piezoelectric VEH can still effectively absorb multi-direction energy at the same frequency. The deformation displacement of single circular arc piezoelectric VEH and the traditional piezoelectric VEH are compared. The stress distribution of the array piezoelectric VEH is analyzed based on the finite element method, and its models of output voltage and output power are established. This circular arc array piezoelectric VEH is designed using a CNC technology. The multi-directional energy harvesting and the broad frequency band energy harvesting of this array piezoelectric VEH are measured. The measured results show that (No.2 and No.3) circular arc piezoelectric VEHs have higher output performance, and the highest absorption efficiency is from the Z-direction vibration. Therefore, this array piezoelectric VEH provides an effective solution for multi-directional energy harvesting in the broad frequency band.