Thermostatic System of Thromboelastography Based on Self-Adaptive Fuzzy PID

  • Qiang Luo, Haibao Wang, Yan Zheng et al.


Thrombelastography (TEG) is mainly used for perioperative monitoring of coagulation and management of blood products. The detection results are greatly affected by temperature. In order to improve the working stability, a thermostatic control system is designed. The system consists of measuring part and temperature control part, the measuring part using constant current source to supply power for Pt1000 temperature sensor. Four-wire measurement method is used to obtain accurate temperature signal, an integrated instrument amplification AD620 is used to amplify signal. The digital signal is converted through ADC module. Temperature control part adopts adaptive fuzzy PID algorithm. The output PWM signal is controlled by the single chip microcomputer and heated by heating film, so as to realize the thermostatic control of the system. MATLAB simulation and prototype test experiments show that the thermostat system has the characteristics of fast response, high stability, and high accuracy, meeting the requirements of TEG.