Development of Fiber Reinforced Composite Insulation Board

  • Yan Liu, Haida Wang, Shukai Tang et al.


In building envelopes, the walls account for the largest proportion of heating energy consumption, approximately 32.1% - 36.2% of the total energy consumption. This study prepared a fiber-reinforced material insulation board with such raw materials as, polystyrene particles, cement, fly ash, redispersible powder, hollow fiber, hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose (HPMC) and water-repellent powder, to research the impact of various materials on the insulation board’s performance and to obtain the optimal dosage values of various raw materials in 1 m3 insulation sizing agents. The newly developed insulation board is lightweight and has greater strength. It can also be made in factories instead of solely at the construction site to achieve mass production and improve labor productivity.