Attention Training Method Based on EEG Signals

  • Tao He


Attention training is helpful for people to effectively concentrate their attention, improve work efficiency, and benefit their physical and mental health. The brain is regarded as one of the most important organs of the human body,which generated EEG signals reflect the emotional state, attention level and psychological activities of the human. With the development of cutting-edge instruments and the deepening of EEG signal research, the attention training method based on EEG signals has become the focus of many researchers, and it is also the main research content of this paper. In this paper, a system of attention training based on EEG signal feedback is designed. Firstly, the brain-computer interface for EEG signal acquisition is designed, including EEG signal acquisition device, and signal pre-processing, signal feature extraction and classification. And signal feedback, and further introduce the traditional attention training method and EEG signal training method, and then propose a new comprehensive training method. Through experiment, select a certain number of adults and adolescents as research objects, and carry out the traditional mode training, EEG signal feedback training and comprehensive trainings. Finally, each group of trained adults and adolescents were subjected to Schulte attention assessment and EEG attention assessment. The experimental results showed that the EEG evaluation results and the Schulte evaluation have consistent conclusions in the improvement of attention, and adolescents are more malleable than adults, and the comprehensive training effect is higher than EEG signal feedback training and traditional mode training in training effect.