Computer Controlled Microscope Autofocus and Image Real-Time Fusion Technology

  • Xiaohui Tian, Xiaohan Sun Hu


Micro-optical imaging technology is a comprehensive discipline covering computer technology, sensors, machinery, and light. With the development of optoelectronic imaging technology, people's requirements for microscopic imaging systems are increasing, but it is difficult to bear the purchase cost of more advanced equipment, and autofocus technology is an important part of microscopic imaging systems. In view of the above problems, this paper optimizes the microscope system through computer control. Firstly, the focus depth method based on image processing is combined with the variable step size climbing search algorithm and the sharpness evaluation function to search and control the focus image, and finally realize the auto focus function. Due to the disadvantage that the microscope has higher magnification and smaller depth of field, this paper proposes a multi-focus image fusion algorithm based on Split Bregman decomposition. The region-focused image of the image is obtained by combining the focus characteristics of the structural portion and the texture portion of the source image by a specific blending rule. Finally, these focused images are reconstructed and reconstructed to obtain the final fused image. The experimental results show that the autofocus method proposed in this paper has a faster focusing speed, and the image real-time fusion technology further ensures the integrity of the image detail features and improves the fusion effect.