Design of C-band Very Low Phase Noise Voltage Controlled Oscillator Based on Optimized Materials

  • Weijia Zhang, Wei Zhang, Dongning Hao


Oscillator is a device that can automatically convert DC energy into periodic alternating energy without additional excitation signal. It is one of the main parts of many electronic systems and is widely used. However, with the continuous development of radar and wireless communication, the system puts forward higher and higher requirements for local oscillator. High current metal ion implantation (HIMI) is a new surface optimization technology for engineering materials, which has been successfully developed by the Institute of Low Energy Physics, Beijing Normal University. According to the existing application and related research of capillary permeable drainage zone, a new type of drainage material at home and abroad, and combined with the current situation that landfill drainage system is prone to blockage, a new application direction of capillary permeable drainage zone for domestic landfill leachate drainage system is proposed for the first time. A comparative indoor simulation experiment was carried out. The development trend and application prospect of these new revolutionary technologies are also analyzed. It proves that they have become the leading industries of high technology and the period of deterioration of productivity has come.