Structural Analysis of Corrugated Board Furniture Design Based on Polymer Material

  • Yang Gao, Kai Shang,Neng Chang, Li Li


For a long time, corrugated paper only exists as a widely used packaging material. With the development of society and the changing market demand, it gradually appears in the field of art design. The classification, properties and conductive mechanism of new conductive polymer materials are introduced. The ways, applications and development prospects of improving the conductivity and mechanical properties of conductive polymer materials are discussed. Thermal conductivity mechanism of metal materials, non-metallic materials and polymer materials, and theoretical model of thermal conductivity of polymer materials doped with thermal conductive fillers. The research directions of thermal conductive polymer materials are pointed out, including the research and development of nano thermal conductive fillers and the physical and chemical modification of polymer resin matrix. Research and development of new composite technology of polymer matrix and thermal conductive filler. The thermal conductivity model of composite materials, the mechanism of thermal conductivity (especially the effect of the structure and properties of the interface between polymer matrix and thermal conductive filler on the thermal conductivity of materials) and the formation of thermal conductive paths are established.