Notes on Micromorphology of Third Instar Larvae of Hypoderma Actaeon (Brauer, 1858) and H. Diana (Brauer, 1858) (Oestridae, Hypodermatidae)

  • Borisz Egri, Miklós Bieber, Béla Húsvéth


2472 3rd instar larvae of warble flies (Hypoderma diana and H. actaeon) were collected from 31 roe deer and 52 red deer shot during hunting in the Szigetköz Region, North-West Hungary in the summer, fall and winter of 2018. A special histological method was used for the first time for the better recognition of the fine inner structure of warble fly 3rd instar larvae on wild ungulates. This is the method used for horse bots larvae and has not been described for this purpose earlier. The histological characteristic features of larvae were examined.