Discuss on Microscopic Detection Technology in Ultrasound Scanning

  • Wuli Song, Linna Li, Zihui Ren


In the process of electronic products’ assemblage, it’s a very key issue that whether there are internal defects in plastic packaging devices before assemblage. In semiconductor products, Cracks, lamination and blowholes will expand or localized corrosion during normal operation, which may cause further internal wire breakage. These internal defects often bring about reliability problems leading to the electronic products cease to be in force. Make use of ultrasound to detect electronic products, high frequency sound waves enter the tested substances to get the information about the subjects; even if it doesn’t find conclusive evidence, there will be no negative impact on further invalidation analysis operations. This paper introduces the compositions and theory of ultrasound microscopic detection system and research the theory of high frequency ultrasound micro-resolution and micro-size measurement, and have an overall scheme design of UHF ultrasonic measurement system. The results show that ultrasound microscopic detection technology is high sensitivity, high resolution and visual image; it can be used to test the quality of welding of coating materials, plastic packaging integrated circuits and ceramic engine parts.