Observation on the Mechanical Properties and Groove Friction of the Common Orthodontic Arch Wire in the Microstructure

  • Yan Hou, Wensheng Ma


With the continuous development of science and technology, material science has developed rapidly, and different requirements have led to the application of different new materials. With the improvement of living standards, more and more attention has been paid to beauty and health. However, as a common oral disease, oral deformity not only affects the expression, but also directly endangers human health. The development of orthodontics cannot be separated from the progress of material science. In the process of orthodontic, the deformation of the arch wire produces a constant amount of continuous elasticity to move the teeth for correction. Orthodontic effect, the health of tooth and the periodontal are directly affected by orthodontic force. Various types of arch wires are used in orthodontic clinic. Nickel-Titanium arch wire has been loved by orthodontics since its establishment because of its soft orthodontic force, good elasticity and accurate and fast alignment. At present, super elastic Nickel-Titanium alloy arch wire and heat-activated Nickel-Titanium alloy arch wire are usually used in clinical practice. In this paper, through the test of different kinds of orthodontic arch wires, the strain stress test, elastic modulus test, yield strength test and fracture strength test of different orthodontic arch wires are summarized, and the differences and similarities among different kinds of orthodontic arch wires are summarized, finally, the degree of quality of different kinds of orthodontic arch wires is proved at the same time.