A New Metal Coordination Polymer for Effective 5-1 Fluorouracil Loading and Anti-Gastric Cancer Activity Study

  • Haibin Ni, Yu Ye, Shouguo Wu et al.


The formula of a new three-dimensional permeable coordination polymer [Ba (HTATB) (H2O)] (DMF) 2 (1) using solvothermal method from H3TATB and Ba (NO3)2 in Distribution Media Format (DMF) and distinguished by diffraction of single crystal X-ray and elementary examination. The effective summarization of treatment of cancer (5-Fluorouracil) on the desolated 1 (1a) has been analyzed both experimentally and computationally. Moreover, in vitro anti-gastric cancer of synthesis 5-Fluorouracil and 1 with 1a have also been assessed with MTT assay.