Universal Tool Microscope Computer Aided Measurement System Based on Machine Vision Technology

  • Guokun Feng, Yangqing Wang


With the rapid development of China’s manufacturing industry, the requirements of measurement technology in the fields of aviation, aerospace, shipbuilding and vehicles are getting higher and higher, especially in the precision measurement of geometric quantity. The advanced nature of measurement technology determines the advancement of product. However, most of the geometric measurement systems currently used in many industries have problems such as low measurement accuracy and poor system stability, which seriously affect the application of precision geometric measurement technology in industrial manufacturing and restrict the development of the manufacturing industry. In order to solve these problems, this paper designs a geometric precision measurement system based on machine vision technology. The system is composed of two tools: image processing and raster signal processing. In order to verify the relevant performance of the measurement system, the parameters of the reading, measurement accuracy and other parameters were verified experimentally. The results show that the measurement system has the characteristics of accurate reading and high measurement accuracy, especially for the measurement of standard parts, and its accuracy is completely higher than other similar products. The results show that the universal tool microscope computer-aided measurement system designed in this paper has good performance in measurement and can be applied to the precision parts measurement in the manufacturing industry.