Methods of Moving Target Detection and Behavior Recognition in Intelligent Vision Monitoring

  • Rui Liang, Hui Zhi, M. M. Kamruzzaman


With the rapid development of society, people have higher and higher requirements for the monitoring system and expect personalized and intelligent services. Although the unmanned monitoring regions such as Banks, crossroads, parking lot, has been widely installed surveillance cameras, monitoring to the image is not clear, however, especially in the case of multiple moving targets at the same time appears failure to recognize the detail of a moving target, and often need to monitor the researchers obtained data monitor screen or video for video information, which makes the corresponding judgment, it is to monitor the real-time and judge the accuracy of the great difficulties. Intelligent visual surveillance technology differs from the main characteristics of the previous monitoring technology, is using the method of active vision, in almost without human intervention, by automatically adjusting the rotation of the camera haeundae to locate the region of interest and choice, reach the purpose of tracking and identification of moving targets, and on the basis of further analysis, judgment target behavior, do it can not only in the event of unusual circumstances timely alarm and complete daily management work. Intelligent monitoring system can monitor the moving target and its local details in real time. It is a new generation of highly intelligent monitoring technology. In this paper, from the perspective of theory and practical application, some new explorations are made on the motion behavior recognition with video as input, and effective solutions are sought on the basis of the research on a variety of common tracking and matching algorithms, so as to realize the motion target tracking and matching algorithm with high precision, high robustness and high real-time. In this paper, people or vehicles are taken as the detection objects. Under the condition of fixed cameras, moving targets in the complex background of visual monitoring system are detected and tracked, and moving targets are classified to achieve the purpose of intelligence.