Application of NSGA in the Batching of Regenerated Polyester Staple Fiber Production

  • Guohua Zhang, Zhen Li


AS the first step of regeneration textile production, the influence of blending quality on the quality and product cost of hollow polyester staple fiber is very important. This model is based on the theories of material balance, energy conservation, the mathematical programming theory as well as physical and chemical reaction in the process of melt spinning. On the premise of considering the general constraint, the inherent relationship between physical changes in the production of polyester staple fibers and the constraints of technological requirements in the production of regenerated polyester staple fibers are included. Meanwhile, using the lowest cost of ingredients as the objective mathematical programming function, and the model is solved by NSGA. The ingredients table was output through the interface of logistics management information system to simulate the ingredients, which provided ideas for the research on the ingredients of waste plastics regeneration spinning.