Friction and Impact Load Response of Ship Shafts under Microscope

  • Ningqiang Wu


Transmission stability is one of the important performances of ship propulsion shafting. However, when the impact load acts on the shafting, it will inspire the vibration response of the shafting. Since the propulsion shafting of the ship is supported on the sliding bearing, when the rotation speed is different, the bearing oil film bearing force changes, and the bearing state of the shafting system is changed. Therefore, the vibration response of the shafting system changes with the rotation speed under the impact load. The impact calculation is studied by theoretical calculation and test method. The relationship between the rotation speed of the propulsion shafting of the ship and the vibration characteristics of the shafting is obtained. The vibration of the shaft in the self-excited vibration region of the bearing is the strongest and the most destructive.