Graphene Based on Nonlinear Optical Microscope

  • Jing Sun, Yunxing Yang, Zhixin Li, Tong Zhang


In order to study graphene based on non-linear optical microscopy, optical microscopy observation Raman spectroscopy is mainly chosen to analyze graphene. A two-temperature chemical vapor deposition system is designed to prepare graphene. High-quality graphene films are prepared on insulated silica substrates. High-quality graphene films are grown directly on insulated quartz substrates by a two-temperature chemical vapor deposition system. The thickness of graphene film can be controlled by the ratio of precursor gas, flow rate and growth time. The results show that the chemical vapor deposition system in the dual temperature region can avoid the complex transfer process of graphene, and find a new way for the preparation of graphene. The system can improve the quality of graphene by controlling the flow rate of precursor gas, which lays a foundation for the application of high quality graphene in electronic devices and optical devices.