Concrete Pore Structure under Vibration Based on Microscope Image Analysis

  • Shenglian Du, Yuemei Wang


In order to explore the influence of vibration on the pore structure change during concrete condensation process, the indoor simulated axle vibration is used. By setting different vibration test parameters, the influence of vibration on concrete mechanical properties during different concrete condensation time periods is studied, and the microscope image is used. Analytical techniques analyze the changes in the pore structure of the concrete after vibration. Studies have shown that applying a small frequency (5 Hz) and a small amplitude (4 mm) vibration before the initial setting of the concrete can reduce the hole area ratio and the number of holes to a certain extent, and improve the late strength of the concrete; The amplitude (9 Hz, 8 mm) has an effect on the concrete structure, especially during the initial condensation to the final condensation. The large vibration will cause damage to the concrete structure, resulting in certain cracks, the number of holes is increased, and the strength is somewhat Reduction; there is a good correlation between the strength of the concrete and the ratio of the number of holes and the area of the holes. The concrete strength can be reflected by the ratio of the number of holes to the area of the holes.