Coordination Optimum of the Common Degradation Effect of Various Strains on Phenolic Effluent Treatment under Different Environment

  • Hua Wang, Xin Sui


Phenol is not only a toxic organic chemical raw material, but also a by-product of many industrial enterprises. Its source is relatively large. If people do not strengthen their emission regulation, it may cause a lot of damage to the environment. People are more willing to choose biological treatment for the reasons of high efficiency and no secondary pollution. In the process of biological treatment, people have been seeking a highly efficient strain because of the unique properties of phenol containing wastewater. In this paper, the biological degradation process of phenol containing wastewater is studied, and the cultivation of highly effective strains is considered as the purpose of research. Through domestication and culture, three species of bacteria were selected, and each named GPS-1, GPS-2, and GPS-3. The ratio and speed of phenol degradation in different time periods are determined by the degradation test of three kinds of bacteria under different conditions. At the same time, GPS-1 and GPS-3 strains were chosen as the research objects to carry out the mixed phenol reducing test. Finally, the best combination way was found to produce the best degradation effect.