Multi-step Unfolding Sequence Planning Based on Tiny Geometric Features

  • Jiansheng Xia, Wenhe Liao, Shasha Dou


In order to obtain the blank shape of bending sheet metal, the sheet metal parts should be unfolded. The structure and size of unfolded sheet metal parts are important parameters of layout, cutting, blanking, stamping and forming processes. How to unfold the multi-step sheet metal part is the most complex and important work in die design. Firstly, tiny geometric features should be recognition and classification based on topological information. After stamping rules, constraint rules, synchronized matrix and asynchronous matrix are used to optimize the bending sequence planning; finally, the best solution is selected with the AHP method. The unfolding sequence of sheet metal bending parts will affect the number of die replacement and workpiece turning. The correct sequence is of great significance to improve production efficiency and reduce production costs.